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Faerie Fido Hugs Hung Garden Gnome!

WTF is that thing coming out of the garden gnome’s spout supposed to be? We know what it LOOKS like! Welcome to the hardy garden! Ricky the groovy art kid brought Fido the Faerie. Fido the Faerie brought the gnome…and it’s obvious what the gnome brought home…

Picnic Pig: Oink.

Mmm…picnic pig. Rolls off the tongue. Sight seen outdoors at The Chief, a NorCal BBQ joint on the US 101. Oink! For tasty (human) breakfast bears, click here.

Big Gay Garden


Friend of this site Big Gay Virgil’s Big Gay Garden in the Big Gay Town of Long Beach, California

WHAT Kind of Tongue?!

They say there’s one at the bottom of every garden. One at least, and a virtual gaggle in this one. Shot in the Botanical Gardens in Ft. Bragg, California.