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Crystal Dick? Really!

20120617-155013.jpgHard. Crystal. Dick. Usually a contradiction in terms, but not this time. The chandelier hangs down in its natural state, but we flipped it for effect. What? Move towards the light…closer, closer, there you are! Thanks to old pal Stafford for this one.

What’s Under Where?!

What’s under there, Mac? Under where? Under there! C’mon, Scottie. Give us a wee peek. Seen in SF at Wm. Glen and Son.


Great Found Pop Art Cock Head

Cock-a-doodle-do-me! Great found still life pop art from a pal’s place down the peninsula. Snap! Shoot. For the true taste of the West Indies, click here. For the wild cocks of San Juan Bautista, here. iPhoto: GH 20110809-110704.jpg

WHAT Kind of Tongue?!

They say there’s one at the bottom of every garden. One at least, and a virtual gaggle in this one. Shot in the Botanical Gardens in Ft. Bragg, California.