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Wild! PETA Versus the Outlaw Bikers: new Cali Manga from JoJo Mendoco. NSFW!

This shocking tale was making the innerweb rounds as a true story. It’s not. It’s just a meme joke. Sometimes though it’s more important that a story be interesting than that it be strictly true. Such with this satirical drawing illustrating the invented scene – from JoJo Mendoco.

Heads Up! It’s Yellow Hanky Santa!

Another seasonal tidbit from Jake Hale, who gets them at the crossroads where Leathermen meet the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. This one is via Sister Dali Do’mystique who found it “on the Internet.” Know more about it? Who gets credit for this bit of ho ho hoery? Help fill in the blanks!

Today in “Pop” Culture: DILFs – Why Not?

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Words, words, words. William Burroughs said: “Language is a virus from Outer Space.” That would explain a lot! Everything is written on context-sensitive paper, anyway. What do we think of when we hear the term “Hot Dad?” A sexy Leatherman with a grown-up “boy?” Or an attractive father with young children? Something else? We all hear with our own ears. And it’s all translation. MILFs spawned DILFs. It was bound to happen. This slide show was pulled from internet search results for “DILF.” For the pop-culture-challenged, that would be “Dad I‘d Like to Fuck.” More where these came from! Famous and obscure. That’s the web for you. Like ’em? Check out the specialty sites – like Daddy Complex.

Great Found Pop Art Cock Head

Cock-a-doodle-do-me! Great found still life pop art from a pal’s place down the peninsula. Snap! Shoot. For the true taste of the West Indies, click here. For the wild cocks of San Juan Bautista, here. iPhoto: GH 20110809-110704.jpg

Peep Veep? Obama’s Bizarre Choice of Running Mate for 2012.

It is not like there is no precedent. President Reagan? Governor Schwarzenegger? Why not the Easter Bunny for Vice President? This country could use a little pop culture irony in the war room. No?

Masculine Gay Pop Culture Doc Jack Fritscher

Jack Fritscher, Ph.D

Lots of Docs in the world of Leather. At least it seems that way. Medical doctors, but especially Ph.Ds. Jack Fritscher is a “specialist in American Literature, Creative Writing, Criticism, and American Pop Culture, including the History of Masculine-Identified Gay Pop Culture.” No mere academic, Dr. Fritscher has published non-fiction, fiction, erotica and is also an accomplished photographer. Among his many books are Mapplethorpe: Assault with a Deadly Camera and Some Dance to Remember. Find out more about him at his website, here.

Seminal Gay Punk Song: Elton Motello Jet Boy Jet Girl on Plattenkuche German TV

A jolly good fellow. Mr. Elton Motello. This 1979 Plattenkuche “Trash TV” version is stage footage mixed with some old  German TV clips. Odd juxtaposition, but Motello’s perverse punk performance is well worth it. Other versions of this classic have been recorded by The Damned and Captain Sensible. The Francophone Ce Plane Pour Moi claims versions by Lou Deprijck and Plastic Bertrand, as a twinkie back in the day here and more recently, as a youthful silvering Papa here. He looks more like “the king of the divan” with a few years on him.