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Wild! PETA Versus the Outlaw Bikers: new Cali Manga from JoJo Mendoco. NSFW!

This shocking tale was making the innerweb rounds as a true story. It’s not. It’s just a meme joke. Sometimes though it’s more important that a story be interesting than that it be strictly true. Such with this satirical drawing illustrating the invented scene – from JoJo Mendoco.

Gay Biker Buddy Riders from WAY Back in the Day: Koalas Club 1967

Ride like a sleeping bag! The Koalas were a Gay Motorcycle Buddy Club from the 1960s. The Koalas would hop on behind the gay club bikers and independents. Always on the back, hugging the biker like a koala hugs a eucalyptus tree. And so the name! Peter Fiske is kneeling in the front row, on the right. More on Peter here and here. Photo by Henri Leleu. Koalas Motorcycle Buddy Club, 1967. Via Ron Williams.