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Phabulous Phallic Cactus…really.

Don’t let your son go down on me! Sight seen at Chaps Inn, clothing-optional men’s leather, S/m, bear resort in Palm Springs.

Woof! Chew THIS bone…

The Nylabone Galileo. For powerful chewers. Satisfies the natural urge to chew. That’s what it says. Right there on the label. Sight seen at Petsco…where the pets go. Put this bone in his mouth. Woof!

Min the Mighty Old Rock-hard God

This 3000-plus year old limestone monolith is over life-size and honors Min, an Egyptian male fertility god whose worship preceded the dynastic era and which continued through it.

Yes, We have some Bananas! (Fruit Art)


Yes, we had a queer bunch of art-nanas today! But they won’t a-peel much to the Art World. Impossible to commodify: already consumed and composted! Delicious with bread pudding. Burp…thanks.

Crystal Dick? Really!

20120617-155013.jpgHard. Crystal. Dick. Usually a contradiction in terms, but not this time. The chandelier hangs down in its natural state, but we flipped it for effect. What? Move towards the light…closer, closer, there you are! Thanks to old pal Stafford for this one.

Sit on his Sniffer! Free Parking in Rear. Pinocchio’s in the Desert.

The desert classic…

Phabulous Phallic Bell Peppers look a lot like thick uncut Cocks!

Sent to us by C. Jacob Hale, who says he got it from Mendusa Love Forbid. The photo itself is by Shane Ruff. Jake adds: “Makes this boy’s mouth water!”

Giant Cocks of Bhutan!

We found this photo illustrating an unrelated article on relative penis size around the world on Out Traveler. It’s a doorway in Bhutan…Land of the Fire Dragon. Is that what we’re calling them these days? Fire Dragons? Cool! So: Welcome to the Year of the Dragon. Soon…

Phallic Fruit

Ah, the sweet taste of phallic fruit… It’s amazing what 20 cents will buy you these days. I discovered an unusually-shaped persimmon at the farmers’ market in San Francisco, and I thought the readers of the Gay Highwaymen might appreciate this unique fruit. Nutritious and delicious.


Fabulous Phallic Carnivores: Ready to Snap!

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