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Min the Mighty Old Rock-hard God

This 3000-plus year old limestone monolith is over life-size and honors Min, an Egyptian male fertility god whose worship preceded the dynastic era and which continued through it.

Omar Sharif Jr: Famous Egyptian Actor’s Grandson is Gay AND Jewish!


According to the Jerusalem Post and numerous other media outlets, the grandson of the famous Egyptian actor Omar Sharif has come out as gay and has also revealed that his mother was Jewish. According to rabbinical law, this makes him Jewish. He explained that coming out was a result of his concern over the well being of sexual and religious minorities in Egypt in the wake of last year’s Arab Spring. He urged elected officials to pay attention and not let the efforts of progressive youth morph into repressive results.

Sharif wrote: “I hesitantly confess: I am Egyptian, I am half Jewish, and I am gay. I write this article in fear. Fear for my country, fear for my family, and fear for myself. I anticipate that I will be chastised, scorned, and most certainly threatened. From the vaunted class of Egyptian actor and personality, I might just become an Egyptian public enemy. And yet I speak out because I am a patriot. The troubling results of the recent parliamentary elections dealt secularists a particularly devastating blow. I write, with healthy respect for the dangers that may come, for fear that Egypt’s Arab Spring may be moving us backward, not forward.”

Meantime, in Egypt…

A wounded protester is rushed to a field hospital near Tahrir Square during clashes with Egyptian riot police in Cairo, on November 20, 2011. (Reuters/Amr Abdallah Dalsh)

The people want a civilian government. The military? Not so much. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss? From the campuses of the University of California to the streets of Cairo, 2011 has been a year of teargas and blood. And the beat goes on. More photos from Tahrir Square here.

Revolutionary Affection: More Eqyptian Soldier-kissing.

An Egyptian army officer greets anti-government protestors as he walks through Tahrir Square in Cairo February 12, 2011. REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

Everyone needs a hobby, and it is good to see soldier-kissing becoming so popular. Consider the advantages. It is entertaining for both the participants and the observers. It is non-violent. It is economical; a game for both rich and poor. And it is 100% green. Will soldier-kissing spread beyond Egypt? Will flash-mob kissing the ROTC become the new fad on American college campuses? Where might this lead? Is it a Slippery Slope? We can only hope! More soldier-kissing here. For a great take-off of Lady Gaga’s Telephone as performed by soldiers in Afghanistan, click here.

Gay Eqypt: Report from the Streets – “enough police brutality and torture!” #JAN25

From GayEgypt.com: “27 January Egypt update: El Baradei expected to arrive from Vienna at 19.15 Cairo international airport terminal 3. Protests already restarted today in Halwan, Cairo, and Ismailia. I can personally verify that on each road leading into Tahrir Square police in vans are already waiting (as of 1pm) for anticipated protesters. If I had to put a number I would say around 100, including those inside vans, at the entrance of each street into the main square.

I saw a large number of police at other points including Medan Opera. Plain clothes officers also waiting and a few already carrying long sticks

Last night police blocked all access to parts of Tahrir Square after 9pm. Hundreds of shield and baton wielding recruits ran from one suspected point of protest to another. Plain clothes officers redirected pedestrians while others carried large sticks, and beat some who failed to escape from repeated small protests near to the Corniche. Even onlookers were effected by a cloud of tear gass. We hope to post some photographs shortly.Egypt’s gay and lesbian community has had enough of years of police brutality and torture and GayEgypt.com calls on all lesbians and gays to join their brothers and sisters on the street to peacefully express their demand for immediate change.”

More of Egypt on GH: here and here.

If Your Government Shuts Down the Internet, Shut Down Your Government.

No idea where this originated, but it showed up on Reddit and the Mother Jones blog and is making the Facebook rounds. It is simple and smart and deserves to go viral. It also makes a nice screen-saver or wallpaper. Background for the baffled: Guy Fawkes and V. for Vendetta. Libertarianism meets anarchism…yet again! For a strange sighting of Tut in San Francisco, click here.

Egyptian Kiss: amid turmoil, protesters show appreciation to low-key government soldiers.

An Egyptian anti-government activist kisses an Egyptian army officer in Tahrir square in Cairo on Saturday, Jan. 29, 2011. Ben Curtis/AP Photo

It could be a blood-bath, but its not. One of history’s ugliest lessons: it can always turn bloody. So far, so good. Some looting, very little shooting, and now a little soldier-kissing. Nothing particularly gay about it. Men do kiss in many cultures. Nevertheless, it is good to see. The young soldier is kissable, at the very least, and the older man looks good in his bomber jacket. Leather in Cairo? Who knew!