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Holy Saint Valentine’s Day, Batman!


On the First day of X-mas…Cali Gay Manga from JoJo Mendoco. NSFW

20111203-104907.jpgLots more from JoJo Mendoco here, and more days still to cum!

Jam the Giant Poodle meets Shrek


Come to Dada. Come to Pop! Jam the giant red poodle meets Shrek. And his Donkey sidekick. Hee Haw! Redwood tree chainsaw art is a major minor industry up the Cali coast. Like the Giant Red poodle? Jam meets Bigfoot here. Jam the Boot Poodle here. A Versatile Gay Companion here. Woof!

Duck! Donald’s Quacking a Dog Whip!


Gay Eqypt: Report from the Streets – “enough police brutality and torture!” #JAN25

From GayEgypt.com: “27 January Egypt update: El Baradei expected to arrive from Vienna at 19.15 Cairo international airport terminal 3. Protests already restarted today in Halwan, Cairo, and Ismailia. I can personally verify that on each road leading into Tahrir Square police in vans are already waiting (as of 1pm) for anticipated protesters. If I had to put a number I would say around 100, including those inside vans, at the entrance of each street into the main square.

I saw a large number of police at other points including Medan Opera. Plain clothes officers also waiting and a few already carrying long sticks

Last night police blocked all access to parts of Tahrir Square after 9pm. Hundreds of shield and baton wielding recruits ran from one suspected point of protest to another. Plain clothes officers redirected pedestrians while others carried large sticks, and beat some who failed to escape from repeated small protests near to the Corniche. Even onlookers were effected by a cloud of tear gass. We hope to post some photographs shortly.Egypt’s gay and lesbian community has had enough of years of police brutality and torture and GayEgypt.com calls on all lesbians and gays to join their brothers and sisters on the street to peacefully express their demand for immediate change.”

More of Egypt on GH: here and here.