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Diesel Blitz, Fail Safe and other cool pre-Pop fluids…

Seen at the tire store. US Highway 101.

Dangerous. Deep. Throat. Really!

Sight seen in a seafood restaurant in Ft. Bragg, on the northern California coast.


Jam the Giant Poodle meets Shrek


Come to Dada. Come to Pop! Jam the giant red poodle meets Shrek. And his Donkey sidekick. Hee Haw! Redwood tree chainsaw art is a major minor industry up the Cali coast. Like the Giant Red poodle? Jam meets Bigfoot here. Jam the Boot Poodle here. A Versatile Gay Companion here. Woof!

The Dr Pepper Sutra

Bigger than a housecat. Smaller than a lion. Dangerous, but bubbly and surprisingly refreshing! The Buddha Nature sharpens it’s claws.