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Emigrant: The Other White Meat?

I came across this delicately-worded plaque commemorating the Donner Party at a snowy highway rest stop on a recent road trip on Route 80, over the Donner Pass. Notice that it says many died…but not all. No mention of how the survivors survived. Also, “emigrant” is misspelled.
(Post title credit: The Texan.)


Pyramid Lake.


Here’s a shot of Pyramid Lake that I took a few weeks ago in Nixon, NV (Paiute Nation). Beautiful blue desert sky and lake, and you can see the little pyramid on the side closer to the far shore. Absolutely gorgeous out there.

This is your brain on…


One of the many brain-shaped rocks I saw along the shore of Pyramid Lake (Nixon, NV, Paiute Nation).

Giggle Springs and other Sights seen in the Nevada High Desert

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Guys in trucks and on bikes, the road to Area 51, shops and signage, life and decay, ghost towns, cacti, Tonopah home of the Stealth, oil and gas, public toilets, a saline lake. Driving north on U.S. 95 in the Nevada High Desert, returning from Smokeout.

Goldfield Ghost Town’s Glory Hole and More

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Glory Hole Antiques, that is. An odd little junk shop with an open door, an interesting inventory, no price tags and no one in sight or within earshot. We put a few dollars in a jar for an old bottle and a small cannonball. Goldfield boomed in the early part of the century, following a 1903 bonanza strike, and was busy until 1940, after which it fell into decline. Few businesses are open or residences occupied now, with vacancy running about 90%. On U.S. Highway 95 in Nevada.