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He’s got a bigger job now…

From Colliers Magazine, Winter 1945.

The Saturday Evening Saint Valentine Post

These days, this little fellow would probably get the censors in an uproar. In the early part of the 20th century, this image provoked no such concern. Does that make that era a “more innocent age” – as many might suggest? At that time, a kid this age could as easily have been working in a factory or attending a lynching as gracing the cover of a respected magazine half-naked. Innocence is overrated. And security is an illusion.

Paddle and Saddle for active Lads and Dads!

Styled for Satisfaction!

This vintage Bud Ad’s for You: the Rape of Ganymede!

In the classic Greek myth, the god Zeus assumes the form of an eagle to carry off the beautiful youth Ganymede and have his way with him sexually. A rapacious bunch, those old pagan deities! In the early 20th century, Anheuser-Busch adapted the story to advertise Budweiser. Kinky bunch, those old Victorian admen! This image circa 1904.

Grab WHAT by the Nuts?

Sight seen on a MUNI shelter sign in San Francisco’s SOMA district.

Dangerous. Deep. Throat. Really!

Sight seen in a seafood restaurant in Ft. Bragg, on the northern California coast.


Today in Strange Ads: Homoerotic Malaysian Sandwich Cookies!

Check out the bones on these boys! And the stiff cream filling. Thanks to friend of this site Cornelius Conboy for this one. The illustrator is Vince Low; the ad is from the Grey Agency in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. Fluff & Stuff is a popular brand of sandwich cookie, with a tag line of “Your inner desires. Right in the middle.” Indeed! Oreos were never like this…