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Japanese Game Show: Acrobatic Ball Sac Thwackage!

JapanBallPunish copy
From a Japanese TV game show: competitive acrobatic testicle-whacking for fun and profit. Not actually gay in its cultural context, certainly it is homoerotic to our quirky eyes. Via 15 Association Fraternal JB. Thanks! Dedicated to Big Gay Al, who digs this kind of thing. Don’tcha, Al? Thwack! For the video clip of these guys in action, click here. Translation of text in upper left? More context? It would be much appreciated!

Can you hear me NOW? I’m Gay. The Verizon Guy is coming out!

After nine years in a corporate closet, Paul Marcarelli is coming out as gay. The horn-rimmed spokesman for Verizon talked to Spencer Morgan of The Atlantic about the contract that has sealed his lips for the past decade. It had what amounted to a no self-outing clause. Anonymous mascots are not supposed to have lives that could publicly detract from the characters they play. And being gay is still good dish, way too juicy for the bean-counters to risk. Homophobia blurs with the bottom line. Marcarelli’s catch phrase “Can You Hear Me Now?” will certainly go down in the history of TV advertising slogans – along with other pervertable classics such as: “Where’s the Beef?” “Don’t Squeeze the Charmin'” and “You’re soaking in It.” Marcarelli is currently in post-production on The Green, a film he wrote and co-produced and which focuses on a small-town gay couple who become embroiled in a scandal. Look forward to it on the festival circuit. The Atlantic article is available here.

Reasons to not breed: Funny French Language Television Ad for Zazoo Condoms

 Another great benefit to being gay. We can fuck our brains out and never have to worry about this particular form of screaming side-effect. Of course, we’ve got our own little buggers to worry about…