Hot Leathers in rural CT?

Reporting from middle-of-nowhere, Connecticut: Have the Gay Highwaymen stumbled upon a Mr. S outpost, or perhaps a dungeon surrounded by tobacco fields and cows? Or is it a disappointing but optimistically-named retail space filled handbags and wallets?
Didn’t have time to investigate this store, just caught a glimpse of the “HOT LEATHERS” sign as we drove by seen in rural CT near Ellington. What’s inside? It’s a mystery, unless a CT reader of this site can enlighten us.


2 responses to “Hot Leathers in rural CT?

  1. It’s in South Windsor, and used to be a gathering place for bikers. Don’t know if it is even open anymore, since I moved away. Love, Mami

  2. Hey there, CT native here. Hot leathers is a biker store – (a little disappointing but what-are-you-gonna-do) here’s the link

    Still, probably a good place for Local Leathermen to get some nice gear.


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