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Scruffy Hippie Boys at the Berry Fest

I heart Covelo. Seeing them seeing us seeing them at the annual blackberry festival. In the remote hills of Northern California’s Emerald Triangle. Three decades of music, mischief, munchies…et cetera, et whatever else grows there…


Only YOU can…fill in the blank. Smokey at the Fair!

Folsom, Dore and Pride aren’t the only fairs where you can see bears! Smokey is a traditional VIP at the annual Blackberry Festival in Covelo, California. Here, he greets an admirer and hangs with a bud from the forestry service.


Cal Fire Hotness…

…Mendocino firefighters protect, serve and dress the set at the annual Covelo Blackberry Festival. The event is in its 30th year, and takes place every August in California’s remote Round Valley.