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Waterbury, CT: Mosque Under Construction

Just drove by an interesting construction project in Waterbury, CT: a mosque (the walls are blanketed in a particularly loud shade of green plastic sheets), partially obscured by pizza and furniture billboards.


San Francisco is WHAT kind of territory!?

Bear Territory of course! Go, Cal! 20110904-054357.jpg

Catalan Nativity Little Shitter ‘El Caganer’ as Mascot for May 21 Rapture Movement?


The squatting man in the May 21st Rapture posters looks suspiciously like el caganer, the little squatting shitting paisano, which is Catalan’s famous nativity figure. Connection? Coincidence? This billboard is in San Francisco, hanging on the side of the building that also houses The Lone Star…

Sexy Jesii: It’s a bird; it’s a plane; OMG it’s Super-Christ!

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Jesus on Steroids! This Easter Week Billboard offering recalls 19th century notions of athleticism as a physical proof of spiritual virility and power. With a stiff dose of 20th century body-building culture. More soon.

Retail Sights Seen: San Francisco Shop Windows and Billboards

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Sexy plastic mannequins show what they’re made of. Homoerotic subtexts sprout from Cerveza ads. Hung like a…rhino? Another one rides the bus. What IS that man looking at? Windows and signage seen around the City.