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Retro gym boy seen in Jim’s Gym

Nice slab of abs, boy. Not sure you should sleep in the tanning bed, though. Poster circa late 1980s. Seen in Jim’s home gym. More here.

Durham’s Rock Hard: All Around Champ!

Water. Soluble. Putty!

Built! Another Retro Muscle Poster


Houston Muscle! Cool Retro Gym Rat Poster


His “concept” is as big as Texas. Heh. Houston Muscle & Power Company…nice name for a gym. For another sight seen at Jim’s home gym, click here.

Sexy Jesii: It’s a bird; it’s a plane; OMG it’s Super-Christ!

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Jesus on Steroids! This Easter Week Billboard offering recalls 19th century notions of athleticism as a physical proof of spiritual virility and power. With a stiff dose of 20th century body-building culture. More soon.

Happy Sexy St. Patrick’s Day!

This hulking leprechaun is via the Muscle Manifesto blog. Origin and date unknown. Digital media…no pens and pencils here…all pixel-pushing and paths.

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