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Happy Fuckin’ St. Patrick’s Day! Rough Gay Yaoi Bara Leprechaun sticks It to Brit boy.

Happy Fuckin’ St. Patrick’s Day from JoJo Mendoco. Wonder WTF a spiny lumpsucker is? Here.

Top o’ the Morningwood to You!

JoJo Mendoco 2011

A JoJo Mendoco original, inspired by Japanese comics: yaoi bara, gai comi and manga in general as well as Western gay erotic artists such as Etienne. For the 2012 St. Patrick’s day offering, in which a rough sex leprechaun sticks it to a Brit boy, click here. For lots more JoJo Mendoco, here.

More Sexy Happy St. Patrick’s Day: Green Boy Dances

This one is via friend of this site George Wong. Thanks, George! Other Sexy Holidays here and here and lots in the Sexy Holiday category.

Happy Sexy St. Patrick’s Day!

This hulking leprechaun is via the Muscle Manifesto blog. Origin and date unknown. Digital media…no pens and pencils here…all pixel-pushing and paths.

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