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Retro gym boy seen in Jim’s Gym

Nice slab of abs, boy. Not sure you should sleep in the tanning bed, though. Poster circa late 1980s. Seen in Jim’s home gym. More here.

Happy New Year of the Dragon Dick! Celebrate with Hot Hard-On Jewelry. Super-Biomorphic!

Dragons guard treasure, right? This one’s got the job on. Jewels for the family jewels. Thanks to Jim of Jim’s Gym for the photo! No idea who: the photographer, the model or the jewelry designer. But…kudos to all three! For another take on the Year of the Dragon, click here. Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Built! Another Retro Muscle Poster


Retro Runner Poster: Swatch Forenza 87!


Houston Muscle! Cool Retro Gym Rat Poster


His “concept” is as big as Texas. Heh. Houston Muscle & Power Company…nice name for a gym. For another sight seen at Jim’s home gym, click here.

Seen in Jim’s Home Gym



My keys. His poster. Just hanging there looking good. iPhone photo.