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Houston Muscle! Cool Retro Gym Rat Poster


His “concept” is as big as Texas. Heh. Houston Muscle & Power Company…nice name for a gym. For another sight seen at Jim’s home gym, click here.

Houston press Hairballs says fire at gay-friendly church was arson

According to  Hairballs, the on-line journalistic branch of the Houston Press, a fire that destroyed the gay-friendly Servant-Savior Presbyterian Church was intentionally set. According to their mission statement: “We are a church with many artists…(we) have responded to God’s call to us to be a garden…we strive in all ways to be earth friendly…(and we) welcome people of any nationality, race, sexual orientation, or religious affilitation. Our mission is to promote justice, peace, and acceptance.”

A wall at the church displayed crosses from around the world. Many were destroyed, but a few were saved. To donate to rebuilding efforts, go here.