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Jam the cool Giant Poodle sports groovy…Stetson Fedora!

Film noir reference or latter-day hipster, Jam the Giant Poodle wears it well. The Stetson and the lipstick… Woof! More Jam here.

Jam the Giant Red Cat Poodle!


Jam the Giant Red Poodle Lumberjack

He’s a lumberjack and he’s ok!

#Obey! Jam, the Giant Red Poodle…

Perfect pack animals, dogs love hierarchy, D/s, training, and knowing who’s the Alpha. Jam had no idea why he should wear the hat, but he knew We wanted him to, and that is plenty for him. Obedience=bliss, when you’re a good dog!

Jam the Giant Red Cowpoodle Works It!

Photo and styling by The Bear. At just over eleven months old, Jam weighs 70 lbs and stands 27 inches at the shoulder. Woof!

Jam the Giant Poodle and Horse Friend


Jam the Giant Poodle meets Bigfoot


Jam the Giant Poodle meets Shrek here. More Jam here and here.

Jam the Giant Boot Poodle


Woof! A Versatile Gay Companion.

Jam the Giant Poodle! As big as an Alsatian at seven months, he will be HUGE. According to the mid-century classic, The Book of the Poodle: “The poodle’s versatility as a watchdog, retriever and gay companion, combined with his emotional stability and physical soundness, assure him of a welcome place in our society. His charm and his desire to please are fundamental attributes. The instinctive qualities of complete fidelity and devotion are known to all. His eagerness for affection is not based on ambition but on an appeal to the universal heart of mankind: that those that live to please must please to live”