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Ding Dong! There’s always another Wicked Witch in the Wings…

Remember the movie? The death of the Wicked Witch did nothing to protect Dorothy and her friends from the Flying Monkeys. Something to keep in mind. Meet the new witch; same as the old witch. Here is a fan video of the Klaus Nomi version of Ding Dong (The Witch is Dead). And here is an audio version from Ella Fitzgerald.

Obama vs. Osama

Obama vs. Osama. Via Comicbook.com, this is a Wondercon comic book convention variant cover of Savage Dragon #145. Pop simplicity aside, it is not over yet. Beware the neo-underwear bombers…

Marines get schooled on a post DADT Corps – AP Video

A Marine Corps instructional video on the implementation of the repeal of DADT. Plenty of eye-candy in this one including some nice workouts during the intro. Shot at Camp Pendleton. Thanks to Joe Jervis of Joe. My. God. for this clip. Originally via the Associated Press. Choice instructional bits include: “Nobody’s trying to change your mind. Nobody’s trying to change their minds.” Too serious? For musical Marines, click here. For more armed forces silliness, here.

Men Kissing…sexy slide show.

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Facebook, that gleaming bastion of Internet freedom, is purportedly zapping pics of same-sex kisses. FB users have responded with Kissing is Cool, a virtual public event and discussion. More on that here. For revolutionary Egyptian kisses, click here and here.

Over 30 Gay Leather Eagle Bars Worldwide! Will SF’s Eagle Tavern turn straight for a Skylark? #SaveTheSFEagle!

Get into a cab in any big city and say “The Eagle” and you are likely to end up in a gay Leather bar. Amsterdam, Atlanta, Barcelona, Baltimore, Boston, Charolotte, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Ft. Lauderdale, Guerneville, Hartford, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, New Castle, New York City, Paris, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Diego, San Juan, Seattle, Tampa, Toronto, Tulsa, Vienna, and Washington DC all have or have had, their own versions of unrelated bars called The Eagle.

For the past thirty years, San Francisco has had the Eagle Tavern. Now it is slated to close at the end of the month. Concerns that the site would be sold for ultimate development into condos and shops have dimmed under the glare of the immediate crisis. The Eagle may go straight.

Community member slave jody attended Monday’s “Save the Eagle” organizing meeting and broke it down: “It is about the owner of the Skylark bar on 16th buying the business and turning it into a straight bar. Two separate transactions are involved with the sale of a bar, the sale of the business and sale of the liquor license.”

Former District 8 Supervisor and out gay mayoral hopeful Bevan Dufty is involved with the ad hoc group that is organizing an eleventh hour bid to save the beloved dive. Dufty reports: “Kyle DeVries and Anna Conda did great work turning out hundreds at the Eagle tonight for a rally focusing on saving the bar and then marching to the Skylark (whose owner is believed to be trying to force a purchase and change it from the Eagle) — there will be a rally tomorrow (Tuesday) on City Hall steps @ 1p.m. and then public comment at the Board meeting — Supervisors Kim and Campos expressed strong support for saving the Eagle and Supervisor Wiener met the crowd at the Skylark.”

For more on this unfolding story, including a mock-up of a building proposed for the site earlier this year and a short historical analysis of gentrification South of Market, click here.

Gay Eqypt: Report from the Streets – “enough police brutality and torture!” #JAN25

From GayEgypt.com: “27 January Egypt update: El Baradei expected to arrive from Vienna at 19.15 Cairo international airport terminal 3. Protests already restarted today in Halwan, Cairo, and Ismailia. I can personally verify that on each road leading into Tahrir Square police in vans are already waiting (as of 1pm) for anticipated protesters. If I had to put a number I would say around 100, including those inside vans, at the entrance of each street into the main square.

I saw a large number of police at other points including Medan Opera. Plain clothes officers also waiting and a few already carrying long sticks

Last night police blocked all access to parts of Tahrir Square after 9pm. Hundreds of shield and baton wielding recruits ran from one suspected point of protest to another. Plain clothes officers redirected pedestrians while others carried large sticks, and beat some who failed to escape from repeated small protests near to the Corniche. Even onlookers were effected by a cloud of tear gass. We hope to post some photographs shortly.Egypt’s gay and lesbian community has had enough of years of police brutality and torture and GayEgypt.com calls on all lesbians and gays to join their brothers and sisters on the street to peacefully express their demand for immediate change.”

More of Egypt on GH: here and here.

If Your Government Shuts Down the Internet, Shut Down Your Government.

No idea where this originated, but it showed up on Reddit and the Mother Jones blog and is making the Facebook rounds. It is simple and smart and deserves to go viral. It also makes a nice screen-saver or wallpaper. Background for the baffled: Guy Fawkes and V. for Vendetta. Libertarianism meets anarchism…yet again! For a strange sighting of Tut in San Francisco, click here.

Which Six Countries punish Gay Men with the Death Penalty?

The International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) has issued a condemnation of yesterday’s murder of Ugandan activist David Kato. ILGA reports that Uganda is among the countries that punish male  to male relationships with imprisonment of 10 years or more. Bad, but not the worst. Death is a legal option in Mauritania, Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Saudi Arabia and Iran. For other interesting statistics, including which countries get gold stars, and the status of women check out the interactive map on ILGA’s main page.

Gay Ugandan activist David Kato beaten to death in his Kampala home.

In Oct. 2010, “Rolling Stone,” a newspaper in Kampala, published photographs of gay Ugandans. Included was one of David Kato, a gay activist, who was killed on Wednesday. AP Photo.

In the United States, we worry about marriage and inheritance rights. Activism might mean putting on the old tux for an HRC event. The cheese is divine; try the wine. Elsewhere, things are different. In most of sub-Saharan Africa, our brothers and sisters have to worry about being outed in the press, and activism can mean being beaten to death by thugs with rebars. In Central Asia, family fatwas are common. Try being a little gay twink in Kyrgyzstan. The male members of your family may well be honor-bound to kill you on sight. Give a fuck? When the charity wagon next pulls into your station, consider supporting ILGA, The International Gay and Lesbian Association, where your American dollars and Euros can support gay rights work in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, China, and other places where it is Really Interesting to be queer. R.I.P. David Kato….read the New York Times Article here.

San Francisco Castro District’s New Gay Supe: Scott Wiener sworn in as D8 Supervisor

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In the 30-some years since Harvey Milk held the Castro district seat, it has become almost a tradition for the San Francisco District 8 supervisor to be gay. Scott Wiener, who was sworn in on Saturday, follows Bevan Dufty, who replaced Mark Leno. Both gay. Dufty is now planning a run for mayor, and Leno is a state senator. Before that, lesbians Susan Leal and Roberta Achtenberg held the spot.  Wiener’s opponents were Rafael Mandelman and Rebecca Prozan. Gay and gay. Wiener beat the further-left Mandelman and the fellow moderate Prozan to take the 8th district. Wiener joins District 9 Supervisor David Campos to double the current gay composition of the board. Congratulations, Scott, and Good Luck!