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No Esquire Covers for sexy Seals who smoked Osama

photo: Kyle D. Gahlau/U.S. Navy.

Team 6 is the ultra elite division of the already elite Navy SEALs. These are the special ops who purportedly took out Osama bin Laden. There won’t be any parades for these guys, though. Heather Murphy, writing for Slate said: “When asked about Team Six, officially known as the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group, one former Navy SEAL told Business Insider, simply, ‘There is no Team 6.’ This means that while these mysterious fellows may have taken out Osama Bin Laden, they won’t get to brag about it.” For the complete article, and a sexy slide show of these very fit guys, click here.

Ding Dong! There’s always another Wicked Witch in the Wings…

Remember the movie? The death of the Wicked Witch did nothing to protect Dorothy and her friends from the Flying Monkeys. Something to keep in mind. Meet the new witch; same as the old witch. Here is a fan video of the Klaus Nomi version of Ding Dong (The Witch is Dead). And here is an audio version from Ella Fitzgerald.