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Muscle bear handyman hangs with Jam, the Giant Poodle.

At the Ambrosia cafe, in one of Long Beach, California’s several Gayborhoods.

Sign Seen: Brazilian Top Team!

Plus some cone age pigeons…

Fabulous Phallic Carnivores: Ready to Snap!

More from Big Gay Virgil’s Big Gay Garden here.

WC (water closet) Fields: Mens Room Sign Seen


Si, Señor! Mens Room Sign Seen


Hector Silva in the Advocate Artist Spotlight

Image: Hector Silva

Friend of this site Hector Silva has a nice write-up in The Advocate’s Artist Spotlight series. His realistically rendered drawings range from simple portraiture to explicitly kinky, very hot erotica. For the Christopher Harrity article click here, and for our dinner with Hector, click here.

Big Gay Garden


Friend of this site Big Gay Virgil’s Big Gay Garden in the Big Gay Town of Long Beach, California

Bun Boy Motel! Really.

Via friend of this site C. Jacob Hale. Thanks, Jake!


Hot Inked Long Beach Thug…

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…glares, poses, flips us off two-fisted, grabs his crotch off-frame. Point. And. Shoot! Ah, the perils and pleasures of surveillance.  Now, Papi?

Sexy New Camera

Hail small biz! Scott at Woodland Hills Camera in the California Southland put together a sweet kit out of stock on hand. The big chains couldn’t do it or suggested a waiting list. He put the very versatile 18-135mm lens onto the standard Canon EOS T3i Rebel DSLR body, losing the shorter range 18-56mm lens it usually comes with. They kept the whole thing a price that could not be beaten anywhere on the Internet.