Sexy New Camera

Hail small biz! Scott at Woodland Hills Camera in the California Southland put together a sweet kit out of stock on hand. The big chains couldn’t do it or suggested a waiting list. He put the very versatile 18-135mm lens onto the standard Canon EOS T3i Rebel DSLR body, losing the shorter range 18-56mm lens it usually comes with. They kept the whole thing a price that could not be beaten anywhere on the Internet.


3 responses to “Sexy New Camera

  1. Looking forward to seeing what your talent and this camera’s high-powered lens can accomplish when you combine forces!

  2. a new camera kit, Sir…? excellent!

    I look forward to the results.

    your KC ‘mo, G

  3. The new posts – Smokeout and the Ghost Town – are both with the new Rebel. They are shrunk for the web of course.

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