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It came from Outside! And now it’s under the Big Umbrella…



It came from Outside!
– is an art show and sale benefitting an after school program dedicated to teaching urban renewal through mural and graffiti projects. Curated by Jeremy Novy, this exhibit of street art and more opens Friday, September 14th at Big Umbrella Studios on Divisadero Street in San Francisco. Gay Highwaymen has donated a two-sided, mixed media Tough Love stencil (It’s No/All a Game) with hand-lettering on a game board. For the origins of the Leather David icon, click here.

Want to see Jeremy Novy’s Beef Noodle?!


Novy’s cool take-off of a Warhol soup can is on display with a lot of his other stencil work at Tough Love. They are scattered throughout the show here and there: a nod to the furtive nature of street art. And these three are installed over the Exit sign…another Art World in-joke for those who know why museums always make visitors…exit through the gift shop!

Hump(ing) Make Art…

Sign seen in the back patio of the Lone Star Saloon on Harrison in San Francisco. Three stickers complete the modification. Hump becomes humping, of course. Two little mens room guys hang in the capital P. Yes…in the pee. And for the finish: Make Art. Paint Things. Be Awesome.

Sounds like a plan…the Lone Star also features stencil-and-spray artist Jeremy Novy‘s cool nishikigoi (koi) swimming perpetually around the pool table. Novy will show an example or three of his Leathermen series at Tough Love, an exhibit of hard homoerotic work that will open at the Center for Sex and Culture in September.

Shoot! (for the Stars…)

Seen on the side of an electrical box in rural Mendocino County, just north of Ft. Bragg. Check out his giant Indian Club

Southern Pacific Golden Pig Service

It’s hard to find good service these days! And Good So Pac Golden Pig Service? Well, Oink!

If you remember nothing else….

Good words for today…or any day. Remember and you are. Forget it and you’re fodder for fool-catchers. And in today’s economy? Well…

Cool Camera Street Art Seen

Snap! Stencil art old school camera seen on the base of a pole, near SOMA ‘hood in San Francisco.

Cannabis Soup Street Art

More unstoppable than ever!

Suck Dick, Save the World

A note to my friendly neighborhood graffiti artist: I appreciate your beautiful message – sucking dick sounds like as good a way to save the world as any, perhaps better than most. However, you might choose a more contrasting paint color next time; with black-on-brown, your message gets lost. Next time, might I propose a tasteful shade of blue?


A Vandal and a Slut…

Polish Arts? Pole Dancing? Try Pole Philosophy! Sign seen on a phone pole in San Francisco’s Castro District.