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Cool New Novy Boots at Tough Love and…

Groovy new Novy Boots down Grace Alley off Mission in SF. What other new Novys are cumming this weekend? Watch for them…yum! Some around the corner from Tough Love. Hmmm…

Sight seen at Tough Love: Rik and Alan and Hot Gay Art!

Rik Lee and Alan Guttirez at the opening of Tough Love. Show-n-Tell with artists and collectors on Sunday, September 16th. Bring something to share! Art in the background by Michael Palmer, Dennis Kennedy and Jim Leff.

Sweet Kiss at Tough Love!


Cuir photographer Cornelius Washington plants a wet one on Mike Caffee, creator of the famous Leather David…looking on. Sight seen at the opening of Tough Love.

Want to see Jeremy Novy’s Beef Noodle?!


Novy’s cool take-off of a Warhol soup can is on display with a lot of his other stencil work at Tough Love. They are scattered throughout the show here and there: a nod to the furtive nature of street art. And these three are installed over the Exit sign…another Art World in-joke for those who know why museums always make visitors…exit through the gift shop!

Hot Hard Sailor Boy! Biron of SF in “Tough Love” – 50 Years of Masculine Homoerotic Art of SF Bay Area

Multicultural Male Images for the New Millennium. Cum see this and two other great photos from Biron of SF at Tough Love