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Sights seen at International Mr. Leather in Chicago

 Who’s a good boy?  Woof!Etienne art. From the historic Gold Coast. Now on display at the Leather Archives and Museum.     The original leather flag. By Tony DeBlaise. 1989. LAM. 

Peter Fiske’s Jacket with 15 Association colors. 

Morris Taylor art.   The California contestants.   Numbers 19 and 20. Al Parso on the right. 52-card pick up, anyone?  Innovative footwear…. 

Hot Vintage Santa whips sexy Reindeer boy…Etienne

EtienneXmasWhipHo! Ho! Ho! Arty hotties. From the archives of the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago. More holiday cheer from Etienne here.

Happy New Year from seminal Leather Artist Etienne!

Happy New Year! Everyone knows seminal Leather artist Tom of Finland, but there were a lot of other artists who were his contemporaries and who worked in a similar vein. One of the other stars was “Etienne” – the nom d’art of Chicago-based Leatherman Dom Orejudos. Read Durk Dehner’s article on his work at the website of the Leather Archives and Museum. Tom and Dom had a mutual admiration society as artists, and maintained a correspondence. And The Texan recalls that back in the day Etienne was “a big old bottom.” Here’s his rendition of a very festive holiday party. Bottoms up and best to All in the New Year!

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