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Lichen that Beard!!!

Old man beard lichen. Really! That’s what it’s called and we are lichen it.

Jackhammer Bear

Bear friend shot in Mendocino County. Vintage T-Shirt from the former Jackhammer bar in San Francisco.

Haircuts and Beards…

…at the onset of the 20th century. Ultra-cool, but lots of upkeep!

What the Bear bought…

The hairspray is for his big fat uncut beard. And the jockstrap’s for his big fat uncut dick.


Other Blogs: Accidental Bear and his Daily Hair Ball

This Ready to Bare site’s promo describes itself as a site dedicated to Queer Culture , Art, Community, Discussion & Celebrity Interviews. Regularly entertaining, Accidental Bear features the Hair Ball of the Day. Big fun for fur fans!

Tickle your Fancy at the World Beard and Mustache Championships

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via Accidental Bear, who writes: “Just imagine the upkeep and maintenance on these beards. I want to give them a two-snaps-in-circle, via In Living Color days for the commitment. How many pretzels or peanut M&M’s have they lost in these beards, only for them to drop out at the most awkward of times. The back stage area must be busier that a toddler beauty pageant. I am all about a fuzzy man with a beard, but my next question I want to ask one of these ‘mountain man’ is, “During sex, do you tie it back or like a drag queen tucking the naughty bits, do you tuck it somewhere?” For more on the World Beard and Mustache Championships, click here.