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Spiny Lumpsucker

Spiny Lumpsucker

Spiny Lumpsucker


Great name!

Seen at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


Bully pup offs skunk and turns toon!


Safe Sex Bang!


Many of us remember vividly the period in the 1980s and 90s when campaigns promoting safer sex practices developed, looking back on the visual materials from these campaigns has been both a moving experience of memory and an exciting new perspective of the work many of us did in that time. As these posters and other materials begin to pass in to something more like history than recent memory, we get to see them again. Thankfully, we can now see a little more of their artistry rather than only seeing the urgency that created their message.

These materials are of both cultural and artistic significance. They were often created by advertising and illustration professionals who were suddenly free to apply their best and most innovative ideas that may have been constrained by mainstream business. With the lives and health of their community at stake, and often their own, these artists brought all of their skill to bear on efforts to save lives.

The catalog will contain images of these collected materials, primarily posters, including safer sex campaigns from North America, Europe, and Oceania. We will also include an art historical essay by Alex Fialho as well as Alex’s interview of Buzz Bense about the collection he accumulated and a foreward by Dr. Carol Queen.

Please join us in producing this important volume of materials, both for the preservation of history and to communicate to the world more broadly the great power of the work so many did in desperate times. Your contribution is critical to our success. You will be rewarded at various levels with copies of the catalog, original posters (duplicates from the collection), CSC Library tote bags (it’s like we are PBS, no?), and even a personalized tour of the archive guided by our gallerist, Dorian Katz and CSC executive director Dr. Carol Queen.

CSC’s exhibition displaying nearly 100 of these safer sex posters from the Buzz Bense collection opens on November 8 at 7 pm, and runs through January 31st 2014.

– See more at:

Release the Kraken! Ancient and Contemporary Soft Homoerotic Tentacle Porn…really.

Sometimes you conquer the mollusk. But sometimes… This is a 19th century albumen photograph of an 18th century carving of a fisherman struggling with an octopus. Japanese photo, Japanese sculpture, Japanese tradition: tentacle porn! The Western beach boy below has abandoned any struggle. Watch out for the beak, Dude!


Uneasy Listening: Jok Church Makes Magic with “HIV Redeaux”


Friend of this site Jok Church has made AIDS sing. And what a strange song! Viral code melds with computer code to produce a haunting cacophony of sizzles, whines, atonal overlays and visceral noise. Interesting! Not exactly toe-tapping. This is the sort of thing The Bear would really dig.

Jok says:

“For the last 7 years, I’ve worked to find beauty in the HIV Genome, I mean somewhere in there. Its code is about 24-million characters — big data — and, as an artist, it could become a tool to explore beauty. Of some kind. At least I’d give it a shot, or two. Or, 23.

I began with 3-dimensional art, moving into visual art , and after years of not finding stuff I much cared for, wrote code to convert that huge file into a MIDI file and would never be able to remember how. Then pointed it toward a synthesizer.

After nearly a whole day of processing time, my iMac played me a musical work, 33-minutes long, that is named “HIV Redeaux”

You can download it at Make Magic.


Castro and Market = Beauty and Justice!!!



It’s all going down…right NOW!!!


dirtying up the dapper

A recent visitor left behind the felt shoe bags for his new Allen Edmond wingtip oxfords. I informed him that I would be taking in the new shoe smell as I rubbed one out. He replied that I should use them as cum-rags until I returned them.

Allow me to share the first round of such things:

christening the goods

christening the goods

Further details and images of the fuzzy, adorable visitor can be seen over at dapperkink.


Your KC ‘mo, Gryphon

Please Help! (Happy Birthday, Big Gay Al…)

Sometimes the line between needy and greedy is thin. Sometimes, it’s thick. Happy Birthday to pal of this site Big Gay Al!

Buttons does the Pipeline!


That would be Buttons Kaluhiokalani. Buccaneer Board Rider. Rephotographed off a billboard. Original: Hank Foto. Hot!