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Big Textile Joy from cool KC art ‘mo Gryphon…

our wabi-sabi life

A glen plaid shirt and a matching glen plaid tie…? Absolutely!

The tie has been hanging on my wall for awhile now; the shirt showed up just a bit ago. When I realized the two were such a good match, I tingled.


Linen for the heat of summer, and silk for it’s surface and strength. These things have taken their place alongside leather for me. Not capital ‘L’ Leather, but the material itself. A snug, well-made wool trouser leg stretching across my thigh as I walk, the feel of a tie tightening about my neck, starched linen or cotton moving across my skin… All of these things excite me exactly the same as walking across the bar for the first time in my leather chaps all those years ago.

For the thought, I don’t consider any of this as a replacement, so much as an expansion… more textile joys…

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Obama Loves Queers! (Except Not)

Obama recently announced that he supports gay marriage…but what does that actually mean? According to Black Girl Dangerous blogger Mia McKenzie,

“It’s not really about equality.”

McKenzie’s compelling article examines some of the nuances of Obama’s support – who is valued, and who isn’t. She writes,

So, basically, what the President is saying is that same-sex couples who are in relationships that look a certain way (monogamous, for example) should be able to have all the rights of straight people. […] What about those of us, queer and straight, who aren’t into monogamy but are into committed relationships?

Highly recommended. You can read the rest of McKenzie’s article here.


Smokeout is always a good time. Low key desert run for cigar and pipemen, we are sitting it out this year. May be back next. Here are some cool pics from last year’s run…a popular replay from 2011. Enjoy!

The Gay Highwaymen

Bellagio Fountains, Floating Bear Conga Lines, Butkus Autographs in the Las Vegas version of a mall, Kush Fine Art. Srsly? Billboards of course. Surveillance like mad. The Arturo Fuente Cigar Lounge abuts an escalator in the Forum Shops on The Strip. Everything in Las Vegas is the Las Vegas version of…whatever, wherever. Paris and New York in plaster, Venice in Sherwin Williams. Covers the Globe in Amalgamated Capital. Or something like that.


The Las Vegas version of a run is Smokeout, an informally structured event now in its 11th year. Smokeout is billed as “an uncomplicated, fun-filled weekend in Las Vegas for Cigar Studs, Pipe Studs, Bikers, Leathermen, Bears and their friends from all over the world.” No run fee; events are on a pay/per basis and include dinners, cigar parties, bar nights, a Leather party, friendly low-stakes poker, a rollercoaster outing, a piss party, and a motorcycle…

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Attempted Gay (Fake) Weddings: Valentine’s Day news from China

According to People’s Daily Online, an online English-language Chinese newspaper, two same-gender couples (who weren’t really couples) tried to get married in Chaoyang yesterday. They were turned away, but it sounds like the city employees were pretty gracious about it. Cute picture below; you can read the article here.



Dead Mobster? Head Lobster? WTF!

Sight seen at Mission Market Fish and Poultry in San Francisco.

JoJo Mendoco Kinky Gay Cali Manga

For lots more from JoJo Mendoco, click here

A place to hang your hat?

A hat hanging on a cherry tree in SF’s Mission District.


Jewish Moscow dispatch #3: Chabad shul

Disco star of David? No, this is the ceiling of the sanctuary of the Chabad synagogue in Moscow. More pix to follow…


Follow up on yesterday’s MLK Quote: part fake, part real.

An update on the quote I posted here yesterday:

 “I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

which was attributed to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is in fact partially a King quote, and partially attributed to Twitter user Jessica Dovey. CNN reports that

Beginning with “Returning hate for hate …,” the last three sentences are in fact, a King quote from his book “Strength to Love.” But the first sentence, and arguably the one most pointedly apropos to the bin Laden aftermath, is not. […]

Twitter user Jessica Dovey would later say the partial misquote originated with her. She posted a link to her Facebook page, on which it appears she wrote the first sentiment and followed it with the King language — in quotation marks and followed by the attribution “MLK jr.”

Moral of this story: Be careful what you tweet, and don’t believe everything you read on the internet.


birthday suit no.44

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It’s gonna be a great year!


From your KC ‘mo, Gryphon