Uneasy Listening: Jok Church Makes Magic with “HIV Redeaux”


Friend of this site Jok Church has made AIDS sing. And what a strange song! Viral code melds with computer code to produce a haunting cacophony of sizzles, whines, atonal overlays and visceral noise. Interesting! Not exactly toe-tapping. This is the sort of thing The Bear would really dig.

Jok says:

“For the last 7 years, I’ve worked to find beauty in the HIV Genome, I mean somewhere in there. Its code is about 24-million characters — big data — and, as an artist, it could become a tool to explore beauty. Of some kind. At least I’d give it a shot, or two. Or, 23.

I began with 3-dimensional art, moving into visual art , and after years of not finding stuff I much cared for, wrote code to convert that huge file into a MIDI file and would never be able to remember how. Then pointed it toward a synthesizer.

After nearly a whole day of processing time, my iMac played me a musical work, 33-minutes long, that is named “HIV Redeaux”

You can download it at Make Magic.

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