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Urinal Still Life

Urinal Still Life
Kansas City boy oh boy
Duchamp did it first

Haiku & photo: GH

Over a Century of Service…

Brilliant Service
From a Beautiful Big Boy
Cleveland, Ohio.

More haiku. Why not?
More Gryphon. Even More.

mad mad mad

Crazy bunnies in April and raving rabbits in May are nothing compared to the madness of a hare in March…

one crazy bunny

Some Halloween madness from your KC ‘mo!

See the making of the crazy bunny over on dapperkink.

coming up for air…

Sorry to say, but it seems I have been all tied up for too long.

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Time to poke my head up and nose around a bit, at least, once I am done playing with myself…

Smooches from your KC ‘mo, Gryphon.

…at the valet. hey! (New from Dapperkink…)

at the valet. hey!. New from fantastic art dandy Gryphon.

Blogger Bears at Rocco’s Cafe

Blogger Bears Jorge Vieto and Gryphon Van Der Hole. Subspecies: California Single-tail Pocket Bear and Giant Electric Midwestern Ginger. Feeding at Rocco’s Cafe in San Francisco’s South of Market District.

Dapper Leather Bears!


Gilt Leather Hard-On Art: “Cock Blocks”

For a lot more Cock Blocks, click here.

Happy Birthday boy!

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To our KC ‘Mo Gryphon Van Der Hole. These pics were taken in Kansas City in 2010. Gryphon is a talented artist. Seldom SFW! For pics of his wonderful Cock Blocks series of gilded penii on black leather, click here. For a visit to his opening at the Slap & Tickle Gallery by the boys of Homo Genii, click here. For a lot more of Gryphon, check out Dapperkink, on the sideline. Happy Birthday, boy!

pansy is as pansy does!

I have decided that I need a pansy suit. Shouldn’t every good pansy have one…?

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More to come as work continues…

Your KC ‘mo, Gryphon