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dancing ’bout in my underwear…

It is something I am prone to do on occasion…

I thought I would share.

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Enjoy! Your KC ‘mo, Gryphon.

cock blocks

cock blocks by gryphon

Last Friday was First Friday, the monthly art crawl event in the Crossroads Arts District here in snow-blasted KCMO. February is the annual group erotic show over at the Slap-N-Tickle Gallery, my favorite queer little art place…

These are my contribution to the show, the only good kind of cock block I have seen to date. LOL

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Media: ink and paint on leather, individual sizes are 5.25×1.5 inches or 8.25×1.5 inches…


Your KC ‘mo, Gryphon

snow day photo shoot

Perhaps it is because I am from northern Ohio, but I didn’t find the storm so horrible. Either way, I have been home from work with a plant closing for a day and a half now.

Of course, that means I gave myself a reason to get suited up and head out into the white stuff with my camera. The gloves didn’t quite do their job, but the rest of me was toasty warm.

Sartorial roll call: wool/cotton blend undergarments, knee-high wool boot socks, wool trousers, broadcloth button down, heavy wool cardigan, wool blazer, wool knit cap, black leather gloves and a silk/cashmere blend scarf…

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I can say with all honesty that this was my first snow angel made while wearing a suit-coat.

Stay warm, my lovelies.

Your KC ‘mo,

2011 state of the closet address

Gryphon van der Hole, the supreme ruler and commander-in-chief of his own wardrobe’s closet, has offered his state-of-the-closet address. Photos and excerpts below:

“I’ll be honest with you all, the bar for the trousers has been clearly set below that of the great assembly [of jackets].” GvdH

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“We are, each one of us, aware that the department [of shorts] has some obvious pressing issues…” GvdH

For full coverage, and a transcript of the address, click through to dapperkink.


From your KC ‘mo,

a few of my favorite blings…

The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize…” – Clairee Belcher

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I have been sorting through things, fondling bling, and got the itch to snap some shots.


Your KC ‘mo,

tramping through the corridor

Or: Sleeping My Way Home for the Holidays…

Last month, I travelled home to Ohio for the holidays. I planned a slow journey to allow for visiting friends along the way. I was fortunate enough to miss the heaviest of weather coming and going, although numerous semi-trailers were less fortunate just days earlier.

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Along the way, I got to indulge in an ancient habit of mine:


You see… back in the day, I tended bar at one of Phoenix’s larger dance clubs. That occupation often left me bright-eyed when everybody else in that giant sleepy town was slumbering. I built the habit of frequenting the baths after work. Some nights, I went simply to be lulled to sleep by the delightful sounds of passionate fucking; others I went to be a whore. Well, I do prefer the word ‘humanitarian’ for the record.

Last month, I revisited that curious environment. As it goes, I currently live in a town that has legislated away the possibility of a bath-house, but on the trip home to Cleveland, there are three along the way and one massive one right smack in the Heart of Rock-n-Roll… These days, I refer to the route as the Bath-House Corridor.


Aside from the obvious perks, if one can rest quickly, squeezing in fun and sleep in a combined eight hours, the cost of a room at the baths is small change compared to even the cheapest of hotels. The favorite stop on the return trip was skipped due to a last minute detour, but the slow drive on the way out included two stops with the dulcet tones of wild abandon swimming all around me as I snoozed. I even managed to order up a midnight snack, or three…

Best wishes in the new year from the Holiday Humanitarian and your KC ‘mo,

gay highwaymen, bottoms and midwestern ‘mos

gay highwaymen's KC 'mo

Welcome to my intersection of the highway, specifically I-35 and I-70. although aesthetically my life manifests at the intersections of kink, dandyism, art, and industry.

I am the newly appointed Kansas City, Missouri correspondent for The Gay Highwaymen.

Let me offer a lay of the land: I am in KCMO (shorthand for Kansas City, Missouri) but I can hit a low-rent hooker in KCK (Kansas City, Kansas) with a pebble chucked from my window in the Hobbs Building.

Like so many other places, KCMO is chock full of bottoms. In this case, I mean river bottoms; two to be exact, east and west. My studio is in the West Bottoms of KCMO, the old warehouse, shipping and stockyard area due west of downtown. Many of the warehouses currently house artist spaces, galleries and an odd assortment of cafes and miscellaneous business ventures. Burly-Q queens and aerial fabric performers flash up the place with glitter and sequins.

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The East Bottoms are the chemical plants and industry. As they have a penchant to explode every other year or so, the west is the best sort of bottom to be.

I am a lost boy looking for his proper home. Until I find it, KCMO offers some great art, some queer little food and entertainment venues and a thriving underground culture. While I am here, I would be honored with the privilege of reporting to you all about it.

And as long as I am searching along the gay highways for a place that feels like home, you can track my personal adventure over at dapperkink.

Safe journeys from your KC ‘mo.