snow day photo shoot

Perhaps it is because I am from northern Ohio, but I didn’t find the storm so horrible. Either way, I have been home from work with a plant closing for a day and a half now.

Of course, that means I gave myself a reason to get suited up and head out into the white stuff with my camera. The gloves didn’t quite do their job, but the rest of me was toasty warm.

Sartorial roll call: wool/cotton blend undergarments, knee-high wool boot socks, wool trousers, broadcloth button down, heavy wool cardigan, wool blazer, wool knit cap, black leather gloves and a silk/cashmere blend scarf…

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I can say with all honesty that this was my first snow angel made while wearing a suit-coat.

Stay warm, my lovelies.

Your KC ‘mo,

One response to “snow day photo shoot

  1. Beautiful, boy.
    Keep ’em cumming!

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