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finding wonderland in the middlelands

Awhile back, I took photos of the queerest little shop here in KCMO, own and operated by the queerest couple I know born and bred in the area. They are delightful, and so is their shop.

welcome to wonderland, new and improved.

Enjoy! From your KC ‘mo, Gryphon

dirtying up the dapper

A recent visitor left behind the felt shoe bags for his new Allen Edmond wingtip oxfords. I informed him that I would be taking in the new shoe smell as I rubbed one out. He replied that I should use them as cum-rags until I returned them.

Allow me to share the first round of such things:

christening the goods

christening the goods

Further details and images of the fuzzy, adorable visitor can be seen over at dapperkink.


Your KC ‘mo, Gryphon

mad mad mad

Crazy bunnies in April and raving rabbits in May are nothing compared to the madness of a hare in March…

one crazy bunny

Some Halloween madness from your KC ‘mo!

See the making of the crazy bunny over on dapperkink.

what I did over summer break…

So, this year at summer camp, I met an instructor that taught me all about knot tying… It was swell!

knot tying merit badge

See the full set over on dapperkink

From your KC ‘mo, Gryphon.

coming up for air…

Sorry to say, but it seems I have been all tied up for too long.

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Time to poke my head up and nose around a bit, at least, once I am done playing with myself…

Smooches from your KC ‘mo, Gryphon.

delicious isherwood

Another wonderful find, via the fabulous Thombeau:

BBC’s adaptation of Christopher Isherwood’s Christopher and His Kind. Enjoy!

Your KC’mo, Gryphon

birthday suit no.44

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It’s gonna be a great year!


From your KC ‘mo, Gryphon

pansy is as pansy does!

I have decided that I need a pansy suit. Shouldn’t every good pansy have one…?

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More to come as work continues…

Your KC ‘mo, Gryphon

dancing ’bout in my underwear…

It is something I am prone to do on occasion…

I thought I would share.

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Enjoy! Your KC ‘mo, Gryphon.

the lady is dead

I am stunned by the visuals, and wanted to share:

in a comment thread elsewhere, a young charming Canadian man adds this:

I’ve noticed that most queer groups or queer subject matters in videos that talk about love and getting the “person” to love them back don’t show it. like they can walk around in high heels and tights but to show them kissing another guy or sing about loving another guy is still taboo. I like [this video] cause they show it.


Your KC ‘mo, Gryphon