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Giants Closer Brian “The Beard” Wilson is Beef Bar Cover Bear!

One of this sites most popular posts asks: Leather or not? Is SF Giants star pitcher Brian Wilson kinky? Is The Beard gay? If he isn’t, he sure knows our codes! Now he is the poster bear for Beef Bar, a Bearracuda event happening at Truck. November 12th at Folsom and 15th in San Francisco. There will be shower bears…

SF Giants make an “It Gets Better” video

The World Champion San Francisco Giants have made an “It Gets Better” video. For more videos and more information on the project, founded by columnist Dan Savage to give gay kids a vision of life beyond high school, visit the website here. For more Giant charitable work, click here. If you’ve ever wondered about Brian Wilson’s edgy style, here. For sadly broken Buster, here, and for Timmy the Kid, here.

Broken Giant. Get Well, Buster!

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It was a painful moment when Marlin Scott Cousins sealed Wednesday’s game against the San Francisco Giants by crashing into catcher Buster Posey at home plate. Buster’s fibula snapped and he’s out for the season. According to first baseman Aubrey Huff, the atmosphere around ATT park yesterday was grim. He told Sports Illustrated: “It felt like a morgue when you walked in here today.” The baby-faced catcher is a popular Giant, both on the team and with his fans. His wholesome looks contrast with some of his edgier team mates’ styles. More on that here and here. SI‘s Anne Killion writes: “He’s their square-jawed Captain America on a goofy cartoon-strip team.” That’s one way to put it! For the rest of that article, click here.

Timmy the Kid! Our Giants serially humiliate Oakland.

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When he’s not in the ballpark SF Giant’s pitcher Tim Lincecum looks more like a slacky hipster kid than a world class athlete. All that changes on the mound. Timmy the Kid moves like a lanky jungle cat, all energy in reserve until he unleashes his fastball. Poetry in motion and even the floppy hippy hair works. Five nothing in career starts against the As, who have lost eight straight to the Giants. For John Sheas’s article in the San Francisco Chronicle, click here.

Kudos! SF Giants to make an “It Gets Better” Video

According to an SF Weekly article: “the team will make an iconic ‘It Gets Better’ video to encourage LGBT youth across the nation. The Giants will be the first professional sports team to join the spirited campaign aimed at curbing LGBT bullying and teen suicides.” Good for the Giants! Way to set the bar, boys. For more about the ‘It Gets Better’ anti-bullying media campaign, click here. For a bizarre promo for the Giants May 25th “Dynamite: A Fundraiser for Keenan Cahill” click here. For Brian “The Beard” Wilson at home with his Leathery pal “The Machine” here. And for the real action – ATT Park!

The Munchkin and the Giants: Keenan Cahill meets The Beard

Big balls on this little man and a bigger beard on his buddy. 16 year old YouTube star Keenan Cahill hams it up Dynamite lip-synch style with the infamous Giants pitcher Brian Wilson and cute fielder Cody Ross. And a furry. Bizarre! Cahill lives bravely with Maroteaux–Lamy syndrome, a condition that severely stunts his growth. Wilson lives bravely with the adulation and derision of millions. For a great clip of him with his leathery pal The Machine, click here. Wilson and Ross will be hosting “Dynamite: A Fundraiser for Keenan Cahill” during the game against the Florida Marlins on May 25. Information here.

Leather or Not? Is SF Giants’ Star Pitcher Brian Wilson Kinky? Is “The Beard” Gay?

Just For Men Wilson. B-Weezy. Flicker. Mental Assassin. The Beard. Whatever you call him, Giants star pitcher Brian Wilson is as much a performance artist as he is an athlete. But what does it mean? The look: tattoos, mohawk, shaved head, thick beard, torn t-shirt, pinky ring, a cock-ring worn as bracelet, always close at hand. The attitude. The friends. Who is The Machine? A neighbor who comes by for “sugar” as he quips to the startled interviewer Chris Rose? His team-mate Pat Burrell playing an elaborate prank as suggested by some internet commentators? And what about the gear? Described as wearing a “gimp outfit” by some in a reference to Pulp Fiction, the man in the leather harness, jockstrap and hood in the background of this video would look right at home in a private dungeon or at the SF Eagle on a Sunday afternoon. But then…so would Wilson. So the question, still open, is: “Is he or isn’t he?” Is he playing a character? Or is he really…one of us?

Chaos in San Francisco’s Mission District as Car plows into rowdy Crowd of Giants’ Fans…Graphic Video.

Wild Giants fans dance around a bonfire at the corner of 22nd and Mission, jamming percussion on tin cans and street signs, pummeling them with skateboards, chanting and dancing, wild and ecstatic. Riot or street celebration? So far, the damage is only to property. But when a car plows into the crowd, things turn ugly. The mob reacts; the police arrive. Night sticks come out. Cameras flash. The new pose of civilian surveillance: hand up; phones out. Snap. Snap. We’ve come a long way, Baby, from Rodney King. A voice from the crowd offers sage advice: “Keep on stepping back, Man. You don’t want to get close to this!” Point well taken.