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Timmy the Kid! Our Giants serially humiliate Oakland.

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When he’s not in the ballpark SF Giant’s pitcher Tim Lincecum looks more like a slacky hipster kid than a world class athlete. All that changes on the mound. Timmy the Kid moves like a lanky jungle cat, all energy in reserve until he unleashes his fastball. Poetry in motion and even the floppy hippy hair works. Five nothing in career starts against the As, who have lost eight straight to the Giants. For John Sheas’s article in the San Francisco Chronicle, click here.

Pitchers and Catchers and Homers, Oh My! 2010 San Francisco Sexy Giants win World Series…!

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Yes…they nailed it! Sexy Giants win the World Series! Not an ugly one in the bunch…and a wider range of looks and more hair, facial and otherwise, than most teams. Renteria hit a 3-run homer in the 7th. Wilson throws winning pitch! 3-1 Final Score. Go, Giants! 2010 World Series Champions!  Absolutely beautiful!