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Leather or Not? Is SF Giants’ Star Pitcher Brian Wilson Kinky? Is “The Beard” Gay?

Just For Men Wilson. B-Weezy. Flicker. Mental Assassin. The Beard. Whatever you call him, Giants star pitcher Brian Wilson is as much a performance artist as he is an athlete. But what does it mean? The look: tattoos, mohawk, shaved head, thick beard, torn t-shirt, pinky ring, a cock-ring worn as bracelet, always close at hand. The attitude. The friends. Who is The Machine? A neighbor who comes by for “sugar” as he quips to the startled interviewer Chris Rose? His team-mate Pat Burrell playing an elaborate prank as suggested by some internet commentators? And what about the gear? Described as wearing a “gimp outfit” by some in a reference to Pulp Fiction, the man in the leather harness, jockstrap and hood in the background of this video would look right at home in a private dungeon or at the SF Eagle on a Sunday afternoon. But then…so would Wilson. So the question, still open, is: “Is he or isn’t he?” Is he playing a character? Or is he really…one of us?