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Green Man cumming: Spring Equinox Cali Yaoi Bara Manga from JoJo Mendoco

Shooting shoots and flowers. Summer, Fall, Winter to cum. Rinse; repeat. We go Pop! More JoJo Mendoco here.

Happy Homoerotic Winter Solstice from the Horny God!

Pagan image via The Green Man’s Grove. Winter is arrived in the northern hemisphere, the longest night of the year is just passed, and the days will grow long again.

A Place to hang your…what?

The Green Man sprouts wood in an urban setting. This phallic tree provides a good impromptu paddle hook. You never know when or where you might need such a thing. This tree grows outside Rocco’s Cafe on Folsom Street between 8th and 9th in San Francisco. Highly recommended. The cafe and the tree.