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#OccupyMordor, porque no podemos permitir que haya un anillo único para gobernarnos a todos

Occupy Mordor! “Because One Ring Should Not Be Allowed to Rule Them All.” via Juventud Sin Futura – and friend of this site Guo-Juin Hong.

Today in Phallic Architecture: Torre Agbar in Barcelona

The soaring Torre Agbar in Barcelona was purportedly inspired by the geysers of Montserrat, a nearby mountain. It has attracted a number of racy nicknames, including “el supositori” or…the suppository. It was designed by French architect Jean Nouvel and opened in 2005. For more phallic architecture, click here.

Some Very Useful Guys: David Blázquez Photographs of Human Furniture

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Spanish Photographer David Blazquez has a series of anthropomorphic shelves, tables, and lamps called “Mobiliario Humano” – Human Furniture. Of course the humans are all MAN humans. The series premiered in 2009 at El Fotomata gallery in Seville, Spain.

Enrique Iglesias’ strange on-stage boast: “I have the smallest penis in the world!”

Ouch! Today in public self-humiliation: Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias took a twenty-minute break from a set in Melbourne, Australia during which time he invited four men on stage to compare bare chests and quiz them about their sexual experiences. His declaration that “I have the smallest penis in the world. I’m serious” was the crowning degradation of the weird interlude. The singer later attributed his odd behavior to mixing alcohol and antibiotics. Maybe not such a good idea… Carl Stroud, of the Sun UK, reports on the bizarre incident here.