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Today in Phallic Architecture: Torre Agbar in Barcelona

The soaring Torre Agbar in Barcelona was purportedly inspired by the geysers of Montserrat, a nearby mountain. It has attracted a number of racy nicknames, including “el supositori” or…the suppository. It was designed by French architect Jean Nouvel and opened in 2005. For more phallic architecture, click here.

Did the Gays crack the Washington Monument?


It’s official. The world’s tallest stone building, the rock-hard phallic symbol of the United States of America, cracked in yesterday’s rare east coast earthquake. Satirical website ChristWire has scooped the “real” religious extremists in blaming the gays. They write: “Tremble and cower, nation of perverse homosexual communist fecal fetish meisters. Do you think you can lustfully revel in the mucky glory hole of a skippy-dee-doo-dah gender denier and then get away from God’s wrath, gays?” Well…we can TRY!