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Enrique Iglesias’ strange on-stage boast: “I have the smallest penis in the world!”

Ouch! Today in public self-humiliation: Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias took a twenty-minute break from a set in Melbourne, Australia during which time he invited four men on stage to compare bare chests and quiz them about their sexual experiences. His declaration that “I have the smallest penis in the world. I’m serious” was the crowning degradation of the weird interlude. The singer later attributed his odd behavior to mixing alcohol and antibiotics. Maybe not such a good idea… Carl Stroud, of the Sun UK, reports on the bizarre incident here.

Euriamis Losada sings the Impossible Dream – more than just the Gay Gain Guy!

One man…scorned and covered with scars.  What a great line. Gay actor and singer Euriamis Losada gives another meaning to the classic Impossible Dream. Losada is originally from Miami and now lives in Los Angeles. His acting credits include Che and Another Gay Sequel, but he says that mostly, when he is recognized in public, it is from a Gain detergent commercial. Losada also sings with the LA Gay Mens Chorus. Good luck to him in his career. LA will eat actors alive, and this one is certainly tasty enough to temp a bite. Magnifico!