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Greetings from the Sunny South…

Is it is or is it ain’t…racist? What a difference a century makes. This grinning kid is long since dead. An early RPPC (Real Photo Post Card) it was posted from New Orleans to New York in May, 1905. The message reads: “Dearest Dorothy, we came here this morning and have seen lots of strange sights. This boy looks like a great many who walk the streets. It is lovely here. Flowers and birds like we have in August. Much Love from Aunt Mary.” This one is for Marc Owens. More on him here.

Sausage Race at the Milwaukee Brewers Game

I was introduced to a fascinating Milwaukee tradition today at the Brewers game – phallic food sports, i.e., the Sausage Race. In the 6th inning, people costumed as different kinds of sausage (brat, chorizo, hot dog, etc) race around the field. Today the chorizo won, despite his huge sombrero. The zoom on my iPhone wasn’t able to capture a great shot, but on the right you can see sausages racing around the field toward the finish line.