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Cool Franciscans at the demise of DOMA celebration…

God loves all His children. And if it ain’t Love, it ain’t God. Thanks to Tim’m T. West for that one. Sight seen at the ongoing celebration in San Francisco’s Castro District. DOMA is overturned and so is Prop 8!

New Jojo Mendoco Gay Cali Manga! The Rapture of Sister Merci Killing…Leather Nun!


Carried away on the shoulders of the Swiss Guard…and available to Los Angeles area collectors. Check out the silent auction at the Eagle LA on Friday October 21 at the Mr. Sister Leather contest. For more Catholic fun from JoJo Mendoco, click here. For his take on war, here. And for some S/m, here and here.

New Yaoi Bara Manga style NSFW Gay Priest Comic Art from JoJo Mendoco

Bless Me Father - JoJo Mendoco 2011

“Dressed like a priest you was. Tod Browning’s freak you was…” Bless me Father. Inspired by a story in Juice: True homosexual experiences from S.T.H. writers Volume 5. From the Gay Sunshine series edited by Boyd McDonald. This series from the 1980s featured true stories and reader photos. Other provocative titles included Meat, Cum, Flesh and Sex. Gay reality one-handed reading. Good stuff. More about S.T.H. later…and plenty of JoJo Mendoco, including Top o’ the Morningwood, Ouch!, SirYesSir, XV.1, Fukya!, and I Want You To

Palm Sunday’s surprisingly sexy Processions: sacramental slide show

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Palm Sunday is a movable feast, marked by processions that simulate Christ’s entry to Jerusalem by donkey. His path was said to have been strewn with palm fronds. Fronds used in contemporary rituals are burned and the ashes used to mark the foreheads of the faithful on Ash Wednesday. Look forward to a slide show of hot Catholic guys with ashy foreheads this coming week, as well as a series of sexy representations of Christ, called Sexy Jesii. Happy Easter week to our Catholic and Christian friends. God loves all His children and He has a wicked sense of humor!