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Goodbye, DOMA. Homo Marry! Now In Cali: It’s On!!!

Homo Marry! It’s happening right now. The 9th circuit pulled the hold, and gays are flooding City Hall in San Francisco to tie knots. The clerk’s office will be staying open all weekend to marry the gaze. DADT, Scouts, Prop 8, DOMA – and former political enemies Exodus, etc tripping over themselves to apologize. WTF?! Critical Mass? Whatever tis, it’s amazing. San Francisco expects the largest Pride event ever. Parties all weekend, parade Sunday. And then there’s the weather. It’s sizzling…hot.

Shame on 8!!! We won.

A bird? A plane? A nerd? A clone? No! It’s Shame on 8 Man! Sight seen in the very festive Castro district.

Cool Franciscans at the demise of DOMA celebration…

God loves all His children. And if it ain’t Love, it ain’t God. Thanks to Tim’m T. West for that one. Sight seen at the ongoing celebration in San Francisco’s Castro District. DOMA is overturned and so is Prop 8!

Crowd in the Castro…

History. Right here. Right now. Wow!

RIP Christmas Tree in the Castro

San Francisco’s post-holiday tradition of dumping Christmas trees on the sidewalk continues this year. Fortunately, it seems that the Christmas-tree arsonist hasn’t stuck this year (for a few years, someone was going around lighting these cast-off trees on fire, leaving the streets littered with charred tree corpses). But I liked this tree-tracing I saw on Diamond Street in the Castro, taken on garbage day after the truck had come by.


Poem on Castro Street

Seen just now, affixed to a Utilities box at 18th and Castro in San Francisco.