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Half-naked humpy vintage Welder

WWI era Illustrated Review out of Atascadero, California. 1918.

2011 Veterans Day is first with No WWI Vets

The Imperial War Museum acquired the portraits between 1917 and 1920, following an international appeal advertised in war-time ration books as well as the press

When Claude “Chuckles” Choules died in Perth Australia earlier this year, the world lost the last combat veteran of WWI. Chuckles was 110. As the centennial of the war’s outbreak approaches, memorials are being planned. The Imperial War Museum is publishing a series of portraits called Faces of the First World War. An early installment is reproduced above. The BBC has more.

War Horse! The Ride of a Lifetime

The new Spielberg epic. The Great War as seen through the eyes of the cavalry horse, Joey. Ride on!