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Sights seen at Lundi Gras: Zulu Colors, Coconuts and Court

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The Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club, informally known as the Krewe of Zulu or just the Zulus, is a NOLA institution going back to 1909. The black krewe is named after Africa’s Zulu people, well known for their unbreakable spirits and ferocity in battle. Zulu’s signature hand-made painted coconut throws are probably the most sought-after throw of Carnival season. The Zulus host a festival down by the river on Lundi Gras. For another taste of the festival, click here. For the famous walking statue man, here. Hail, Zulu!

Sights seen at NOLA Lundi Gras: Walking Human Statue Man

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This guy may seem to be striding right along but is in fact standing stark still. Motionless, he has mastered the art of a crisp “Thank You” in response to tips, his lips as still as all the rest of him.

WHAT on a Stick?

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Alligator. Yes, Alligator. For just $6 you can get ‘gator on a stick at NOLA’s Lundi Gras, the riverside festival sponsored by the Krewe of Zulu or The Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club. More to come…including Zulu Colors and Coconuts! Hail Zulu!