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Happy 32nd Anniversary to the 15 Association!

The west coast’s premier private club for men into S/m and Leathersex turns thirty-two years old this weekend. That is older than some of our members. The club is celebrating with a gala dinner on Friday night and a weekend of parties in San Francisco. Thanks to the Italian American Social Club for providing a wonderful venue for the dinner…it really took the Cake!

Fukya! New from JoJo Mendoco. Cali Mangaka. G-Men inspired Leathersex Art.

Fukya! JoJo Mendoco c2011

“Let’s enjoy G-Men’s way.” New from JoJo Mendoco. This one is directly inspired by the Japanese G-Men series. Mainly manga for gay men, G-Men focuses on Bara (Bears),  Gaten-Kai (Blue-Collar Men) and other masculine types. G-Men features photographic material as well as cartoons and personal ads. Mangaka (manga artist) Gengorah Tagame is a driving force behind this hot series. More on him soon. Very visual in its impact, no reading knowledge of Japanese is needed to enjoy G-Men’s way!

Sights Seen at Folsom Street Fair

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Beautiful weather for this year’s Folsom Street Fair brought out the bare skin and the bear skins, the otter skins and plenty of marked up, cut, whipped, scarred and inked skins of every color. The sun shone on all. It was a good year for garden parties, with Donna Sachet‘s Castro district annual and Mike McNamee’s patio BBQ at Stomper’s Boots bookending Rob Ford’s birthday at the Howard Langton Community Garden. A fine Folsom all around.