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Three Generations of Leather: Wet Plate Ambrotype Photo by Eric Robinson

Leather Family: Three Generations. photo: Eric Robinson

We learn from our elders and teach the young. And sometimes vice-versa. As a community that has collectively lost so many and so much in the last three decades, it is more important than ever that we pass on our best traditions to the generations coming up. It is equally important that we incorporate the fresh energy and ideas of youth into our clubs, institutions, dungeons and families. Make no mistake about it: this is a family photograph. It is a scan of a wet-plate ambrotype, a singular photo on black glass, a 19th century process turned towards 21st century subject matter. Taken by Eric Robinson as part of a project in which he made portraits of Leather families in San Francisco. July, 2010. For more on Eric, click here and here.