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Religious Homophobes Host “Purity Parade” in Belize

Purity Parade - Screenshot from Belize News video‬‏

News from Belize: A “Purity Parade” protesting LGBT activists’ legal motion to decriminalize homosexuality. (Here is a little more information on the motion, put forward by LGBT human rights group UNIBAM.)

Their arguments aren’t too interesting – the same old “marriage should be between a man and a woman,” and the same old, tired (and inaccurate) reasoning: “Why? Because Jesus said so.”

The concept of an a “Purity Parade” is kind of interesting, but the execution is rather disappointing. I must say, Pride parades are much more interesting to watch. Maybe they should ask us for lessons.


Other Blogs: Other Sheep go on a Caribbean Cruise.

Left to right: Jose Ortiz, Jonathan Chavez, and Steve Parelli West coast of St. Lucia, Thursday, April 21, 2011.

Other Sheep is an organizational blog about “faith and LGBT concerns worldwide.” Run by long-time partners Rev. Steven Parelli and Mr. Jose Ortiz, Other Sheep recently returned from a nine-day cruise through the Caribbean. Rev. Parelli reflects on what has changed (and what has not) since he was a closeted Baptist teenager on Martinique in 1970. To read the Other Sheep travelogue, click here. For a big evangelical coming-out party, unrelated to Other Sheep, click here.