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The Phlip-side of the Phelps Phamily – Gay-friendly Nate! – Son of Dying Phred…


Nate Phelps, Son of infamous hate-mongerer Fred.

Nate Phelps, Son of infamous hate-mongerer Fred.

Our hearts go out to the estranged children of infamous hate-mongerer Fred Phelps of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church, a pseudo-congregation made up primarily of members of his own family. Seems the old man, the patriarch of The Most Hated Family in America is dying. The father of thirteen children, four of those have severed ties. The man who terrorized funerals of AIDS victims and war victims with equal glee did not hold back with his own family. Son Nate Phelps has become an outspoken speaker on the topic of child abuse in religious organizations as well as an ally to and advocate for the Gay and Queer communities his father rallied against for so many years. Go, Nate! BTW, not all evil-ass cults are right wing. Religious abuse, like totalitarianism, can approach from the right OR the left. For a groovy take on THAT Cozmic Debris, just ask old Frank. Zappa, that is, baby snakes and yellow snow…

Guys at Truck Stops: Surveilling the Wildlife at a Kansas “Kum N Go”

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Gas stops provide ample opportunity for observing local wildlife in its own environment. These specimens were recorded in mid-May, 2010 in Kansas at a “Kum-N-Go” on the I-80. For a candid photo of the seldom-seen Middle American Humpy Striped Gas-Guzzler, click here.

Surveillance at Kansas Kum & Go

The proprietors of convenience stores are not the only ones interested in pointing cameras at their customers. A quick stop for gas, snacks and  corn-fed, slushie-finished boy-shooting on the way out west.  May, 2010.